Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom Industrial Packaging

Custom packaging at Packnet means we convert ideas and specific materials into customer solutions. We have a passion for analyzing and solving customer challenges quickly with short lead times. We like to call this "The Packnet Difference."

We use a full range of materials to design and manufacture packaging solutions for customers. Most commonly they include wood, corrugated, plastic corrugated, and foam.

When working on customization, we always take into consideration product protection, ergonomics and safety, lowering material handling costs, minimizing the impact of what we are doing on the environment, regulating compliance, and using materials that help lower costs.

Find out how Packnet's service-oriented team can help you design and manufacture the highest quality custom packaging and precision cutting solutions in the industry. Call or contact us today and begin maximizing your cost savings.

Crating & Packaging Services

crating services
Export & domestic packaging done in house or on site. Ocean container loading

SlotLock™ Containers

collapsable containers
No hardward required for assembly, standard and custom sizes

Custom Corrugated Fiberboard

triplewall corrugated cardboard
Triple and double wall containers, assembly and kitting options

Precision Cutting Services

reusable packaging
CNC Router, waterjet & die cutting capabilities

Wood Boxes and Pallets

wood boxes and pallets
Custom crates and pallets, ISPM 15 export compliant

Custom Foam Packaging

custom foam packaging
Polyethylene and polyurethane, foam-in-place packing, anti-static & neoprene

Plastic Corrugated Products

plastic corrugated
Partitions, dividers and layer pads, stackable containers customized with colors, printing and assembly

Custom Shipping Crates

custom shipping cases
Light weight, durable, water resistant,foam inserts, fully customizable

Custom Trade Show Crates

tradeshow cases
Durable, reusable and custom engineered to meet exact needs

Featured Capabilities

Corrugated Plastic
corrugated plastic

On-site Packaging & Crating
packing and crating services

Corrosion Protection
packing and crating services

Custom Wood & Foam
custom wood and foam

Slot Lock™ Containers

Corrugated & Foam Kits
custom corrugated and foam

"Packnet explores all available options to provide durable customized packaging solutions that suit our specific products perfectly!"  Lisa B. – Transportation Director

"We used to think our little company couldn't afford to hire an "outside" packaging service.  Now we know better.  Thanks Packnet!  Now we can invest more of our time doing what we're good at."  
Tom S. – President

"You listen to my suggestions and needs.  The solutions you have continuously provided let me know you understand my requirements the first time.  You evaluate what is needed and provide an engineered design that is "Perfect."  I truly value our partnership and your design/engineering team is greatly appreciated."        
Andre J. – Field Service Specialist


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