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Large Format Die Cutting

Steel rule die cutting is a common process used to cut a range of sheet materials. The process is very precise and repeatable. A steel rule die is a cutting tool similar in form and function to a cookie cutter. These dies attain the highest accuracies and can represent the most intricate of forms.

A flat bed die cutter has two parallel bonded urethane cutting rollers which exert pressure on a steel rule die as it passes back and forth between the tables. Packnet has one of the largest flat bed die cutters in the industry. Measuring 80" x 115", the die cutter can process extremely large parts.

Steel rule dies can cut out, create fold lines, score, and perforation cuts. It is also possible to partially cut through a material. Using steel rule dies, Packnet can cut foam, sheet plastic, corrugated plastic, corrugated fiberboard, chipboard, and many other flat materials.

A steel rule die is purchased at the beginning of the die cutting project and used on all subsequent orders. Packnet also provides storage of dies at its facility.


Benefits of our Precision Cutting Services include:

  • We optimize the latest technologies to capitalize on speed and versatility which results in cost savings for the customer
  • We offer single part or high volume production orders
  • No minimum orders required

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