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Packnet Ltd. and its retail packaging design division, NueSku, is involved with UPonGREEN (UP) an organization that is known for creating a ‘united plan for progress’ for environmental solutions. UP has simplified ‘green’ for businesses and consumers into a 14-point list of criteria which focuses on recycling, energy consumption and more. Additionally, UP is a communication tool to help consumers know which businesses are operating with ‘green’ practices. Members of UPonGREEN pledge to operate their businesses in ways that promote ethical and environmental responsibility.

What makes UPonGREEN different from other environmental seals and certifications? Most seals and certifications are intended for products, not businesses. UPonGREEN is a communication tool for businesses to display on their products that highlights how businesses are environmentally focused. It could represent such steps as recycling, water conservation, use of high efficiency lighting (Energy Star rated), buying or selling organic products, eliminating single-serving bottled water, or use of post-consumer waste products.

Studies show that generally speaking people are confused by the concept of “green.” UPonGREEN created a plan that explains the basics of being “green.” There is a concern that many consumers are becoming desensitized to the words ‘green’ and ‘environmental’ due to the ambiguity and terminology about high-tech solutions.

Packnet has long been committed to recycling materials. We focus on implementing reductions in energy consumption as well as raw materials purchased for our manufacturing processes.

We continue to do more to reduce waste with our reusable packaging products as well as using recycled foam materials. We are committed to being an eco-friendly company and will continually look to make ‘green’ material choices in our business.

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