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Shipping and Handling Monitors

Whether it occurs in manufacturing, in transit or in your customer's hands, product damage can have a serious impact on your company's profits. That's why Packnet only uses and provides ShockWatch® products. These products provide a full spectrum of damage prevention solutions, all tailored to your particular handling or shipping needs. With our proven tools and expertise, a product that is out of your sight doesn't have to be out of your control.

These products can measure shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure while recording events and storing data. In short, they positively change the outcome and mentality within your handling and transportation environment.

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Custom Packaging
Slot-Lock™ Container
Wood Packaging
Crating & Packaging Services
Custom Corrugated Plastic
Corrosion Inhibitors
Handling Indicators
Corrugated Fiberboard
Custom Foam Packaging
Industrial Pallets
Heat Shrinkwrapping

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Examples of Handling Indicators

  • ShockWatch® Labels
  • TiltWatch® Plus
  • Impact Indicators
  • Tilt Indicators
  • Environmental Indicators
  • Environmental Recorders
  • Combination Recorders

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Monitoring product for potential damage on international shipments


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