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Heat Shrinkwrapping

Packnet has added heat shrinkwrapping to its products and services. Shrinkwrap is used in many manufacturing applications for covering large products against damage during transportation and storage. This is very important when exporting items that will be exposed to the elements. When properly applied, shrinkwrap will not move or chafe during transportation or storage unlike bulky, dirty tarps.

Capabilities and Benefits of Shrinkwrap include:


  • Shrinkwrap protects against weather damage
  • It's waterproof and can fully encapsulate just about anything
  • One-piece coverage can cover large objects


  • Shrinkwrap covers can be ventilated to eliminate moisture and mildew problems
  • There are countermeasure options that inhibit moisture and mildew from forming on shrinkwrapped units
  • Vapor corrosion inhibiting products are available that prevent damage to sensitive metals and electrical circuits. VCI Shrinkwrap is a volatile corrosion inhibiting shrinkwrap. It contains additives that will prevent corrosion on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and electrical connections, for periods up to 2 years. VCI Shrinkwrap comes in various mil thicknesses.

Cost Effective
Shrinkwrapping is a cost effective option to protect your large equipment and exports. The product is 100% virgin resin shrinkwrap with maximum UV inhibitors and costs only pennies per square foot. Shrinkwrap comes in several mil thicknesses for different types of applications.

Packnet Experience
An experienced Packnet representative will review each application and make a recommendation for you particular needs. Packnet technicians will perform heat shrinkwrap services at our Eagan,MN location as well as customer sites throughout the Midwest USA region.

For additional information and pricing on shrinkwrap, contact us at 952.944.9124.



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What are customers think is important to us…

“Just wanted to pass along how I appreciated your help last Friday on getting a box shipped out via Fed Ex. That worked slick! It was so simple for me (less paperwork) than contacting an air freight company to pick it up. I’d like to do it again if I have a similar situation. Thanks!”
Sue K. – Logistics

“Wow! We were able to pack our product into your crates in five minutes. Crates from your competitor took us more than two hours to pack and didn’t look nearly as good. Thanks!”
Derrick S. – Sales Coordinator










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