3 Powerful Strategies to Drive People to your Tradeshow Display

3 Powerful Strategies to Drive People to your Tradeshow Display

Trade Show Crate ImageYou’ve spent good money to participate in a tradeshow that can bring in a lot of new clients or customers. You don’t want to leave the show having spent more than you could potentially bring in. Yet you may have found that certain circumstances can really hinder the traffic to your booth.

In some cases, you get a bad location on the floor. This might be an area where there isn’t as much traffic, or you could be positioned next to a company that, for one reason or another, is driving traffic away from you.

In other cases, you might feel like your team struck out. Maybe you weren’t as prepared as possible. Maybe you experienced technical failures that prevented you from showing off your product. It’s also possible that the attendees themselves were not the ideal buyers for you.

Whatever the case, you can overcome these issues with 3 powerful strategies to drive more traffic to your display.

  1. Schedule appointments at your booth before the event. This is a great tip from Ken Krogue, a writer for com, who authored, “The 12 Commandments Of Incredibly Successful Tradeshows.” His first “commandment” is “Never go to an event that you can’t generate more leads than you will need to pay for it… before you get there.” He advises that a month or two ahead of time, use the contacts you’ve collected and social media to reach out and invite people to your booth. Don’t spam people, get to know them and their needs, and offer to set aside time to meet with them at the show. As Krogue suggests, if you can’t garner enough leads to pay for your booth ahead of time, you may want to reconsider the investment.
  1. Speak at the show, and speak as an industry expert, not a salesperson. This is taken from another of Krogue’s commandments. You have the most powerful position to influence and network with people if you get in front of them to speak. Don’t waste this opportunity by selling them, though. Look at it the same way that you should be approaching your site’s blog. Establish yourself as an expert. Offer to educate the audience and answer their questions. Be the go-to they trust to advise them on decisions. If they like you and trust you as an expert, they will flock to you to see what you do and how you can help them further.
  1. Show off your best and brightest. This doesn’t only mean you should send the sharpest, most motivated reps to the show. You should also use colors that attract, have backup technology in place should anything break, and bring something to give to attendees that they really want. That isn’t limited to promotional gifts. Bring high-quality food. Do you know how many people will flock to you for free food? Of course, you also need to ensure that your display is intact and in working order. Too often, fragile products don’t make it to the tradeshow in full working order. This is the star of the show – you have to take the necessary precautions to have it protectively packaged and shipped.

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