“Packnet explores all available options to provide durable customized packaging solutions that suit our specific products perfectly!”

Lisa B.
Transportation Director

“We used to think our little company couldn’t afford to hire an “outside” packaging service. Now we know better. Thanks Packnet! Now we can invest more of our time doing what we’re good at.”

Tom S.

“You listen to my suggestions and needs. The solutions you have continuously provided let me know you understand my requirements the first time. You evaluate what is needed and provide an engineered design that is “Perfect.” I truly value our partnership and your design/engineering team is greatly appreciated.”

Andre J.
Field Service Specialist

“Wow! We were able to pack our product into your crates in five minutes. Crates from your competitor took us more than two hours to pack and didn’t look nearly as good. Thanks!”

Derrick S.
Sales Coordinator

“Packnet’s staff is always personable and goes out of the way to please our every request. Thanks for being so flexible and working around our schedule and staying until midnight to complete the packing! You always go the extra mile for us and it’s appreciated!”

Shawn J.

“I want to pass along the compliments from IBM regarding your packaging & crating. They specifically commented on how well the shipment was properly packaged and gave us two thumbs up!”

Roger E.

“Thank you for designing a reusable plastic corrugated container with foam interior. Each container has made anywhere from five to eight shipments already while maintaining its original appearance and strength. We’re confident that we will receive over 100 shipments per container before needing to replace any.”

Deb S.
Customer Service Specialist

“We’ve continued doing business with Packnet because you have met our delivery dates while some other packing houses have made us late.”

Jeff W.
Production Manager