ALSC updates Dunnage requirements for ISPM 15

ALSC updates Dunnage requirements for ISPM 15

What is dunnage?    The simplest definition is that dunnage is a piece of wood used for blocking, bracing or support.   It is not viewed as an integral part of the wood packaging system.    Dunnage requires a separate stamp DUN_HT on at least two sides of each piece.  For international shipments, it is critical that a wood packaging material supplier clearly designate what materials are for use as dunnage and what are used for as wood packaging.

The American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) has created a new section in their regulations related to dunnage.  This section will state as follows:

1.5.1 Dunnage, as defined by ISPM 15 is wood packaging material used to secure or support a commodity but which does not remain associated with the commodity. As dunnage is a wood packaging product available as an individual piece of lumber it is a product with special considerations. Those considerations are:

  1. Dunnage is not intended for use in the construction of wood packaging material pallets, crates, boxes, etc.
  2. The seller shall inform its customers of the requirements of its use.
  3. When improper use of dunnage is encountered, the agency shall take corrective action with the producer and, if necessary, the customer or owner. If for any reason the improper use is not corrected, the agency under whose supervision the dunnage was produced shall, at a minimum, notify the producer and the customer or owner of their responsibilities should any damages and liability arise from the improper use of dunnage.

Packnet is a certified supplier of ISPM 15 materials including materials to be used as dunnage.   We are licensed and audited by Timber Products Inspection Agency.  Packnet can assist you with ensuring that your wood packaging materials are ISPM 15 compliant.   For more information see our video on ISPM 15   or call us at 952-944-9142.

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