Another UPS package incident with a variation

Another UPS package incident with a variation

Channel 2 Houston TX ran a local story about yet another delivery damaged from willful negligence.  This incident was caught on surveillance tape.  The driver is seen walking up to a locked gate and tossing the package over the gate.  Most of the contents of the package were broken when it hit the sidewalk on the other side of the fence.  The package may have reached a height of eight feet before descending.

There is an added twist to the story; the driver then urinated on the side of the house.   You can see the video of the story here:

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The initial UPS response was rather disappointing, but ultimately we are sure that the owner was fully re-reimbursed for the broken contents and it was stated a “compensation gift” was offered.

Recovering the cost of shipping damage is certainly important, but for many industrial situations, what can never be compensated for is lost time.   That is why companies come to Packnet for custom packaging solutions.

In regards to the broken contents, we asked Dan Schultze,General Manager of Packnet LTD how he would package a similar product if he thought it was going to be dropped from 8 feet. His first question was it a one way shipment or reusable packaging.

“For a onetime event, we would probably recommend foam-in- place.   The product would be wrapped in poly material and expandable liquid foam would encapsulate the item.  The liquid is actually a 2 part system where once mixed together turns to soft cushioning expanding polyurethane foam.   We would use the less dense version because it provides better cushioning for lighter weigh product protection.”  Said Dan Schultze.

Dan went on to say:  “For repeated shipments, we would probably use a lower density polyurethane or polyethylene plank foam material.. “    Higher volume packaging would justify the tooling expenditures needed to create foam inserts that would adequately cushion the part from all sides.   If withstanding an 8ft drop was part of the requirement, then Packnet would perform a series of prototyping and testing to ensure that that requirement can be met.”

More information on Packnet’s foam packaging capability.

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