Are Your Packages Being Mishandled?

Are Your Packages Being Mishandled?

You have probably heard about FED EX and UPS employees getting caught on camera mishandling packages.   We have provided 2 You Tube videos below for your entertainment.  I think you can see that “mishandling” is an understatement.

 The FED EX driver was tossing packages from inside the truck to the ground.  The UPS driver was tossing packages like a football from the street into the truck.

Of course this makes one wonder about the likelihood that any package can be shipped without being damaged.  

One can never be sure what kind of duress your package experiences.  Even if there is no apparent physical damage when the box is opened, there could be long term reliability problems especially with delicate control systems or intricate mechanical assemblies.  This is why using ShockWatch® products may assist with monitoring your valuable cargo so it arrives damage free.  Shockwatch® products are shipping and handling monitors that can detect a variety of conditions that your package might experience during shipping.    It can measure impact, temperature extremes and even tilt.   Packnet can develop a custom solution to match your shipping monitoring needs.

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