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4 extra Factors that Determine your True Packaging Costs

on November 10, 2017
Materials may seem like the most significant item on your packaging budget, but it really is only a hefty piece of a much bigger puzzle.  Your true packaging costs hinge on numerous other factors. If you’re interested in saving money in this area, you want to consider 4 more things...

Minimizing Surprise Costs and Export Violations in Global Supply Chain

on November 7, 2017
Global trade regulations are stringent, and enforcement of them is only getting stricter. If you violate one, it’s money out of your pocket in a number of ways, including fines, labor, and potentially an angry customer who didn’t get a shipment on time. As such, if your company has to...

Breakables on the Manufacturing Line: How to Handle Efficiently

on November 3, 2017
The tastes of today’s consumer have done more than just popularize ecommerce. It’s enforced an expectation that goods are available almost immediately. This has all manufacturers evaluating their processes for efficiency, but it’s even more important to a company that manufacturers any breakable parts. Adding mass and speed to a...

Protect your assets and yourself with handling indicators

on October 27, 2017
Do you have to ship large or fragile products or components? Here’s a breakdown of options for the best way to protect your packages and your pocketbook.

What are these ELDs Driving up Carrier Costs?

on October 13, 2017
In our last article, we discussed yet another factor that’s driving up the cost of lumber and other goods: the shipping itself. The demand for trucks is sky high as there’s more freight per truck available now than ever before. Demand is not the only reason prices are going up,...

Trucking Demand Spikes: Prices and Availability are Unstable

on October 1, 2017
The trucking industry has experienced its share of highs and lows in the last ten years. The 2008-2009 recession hit the industry hard. In 2014, the US economy expanded at its fastest rate to that point following the recession, and was so significant, it remains a point of comparison. A...

Some Oregon Lumber Workers Returning to Work

on September 23, 2017
Parts of Canada and the US have had a grueling fire season this year, forcing numerous mills to shut down, and resulting in the loss of thousands of acres of land. The fires, along with two major hurricanes and CVD on Canadian lumber, have contributed to low supply and high...

Wish an Expert Could Show up and Package Your Custom Goods for You?

on September 14, 2017
As a manufacturer, your expertise lies in designing and building your products. You’re proud of your work, and you ensure each completed unit is flawless. Many of you, however, aren’t experts at how to best package and/or crate your products. This is especially true for manufacturers of custom large or...

Both Fire and Water Further Hurting Lumber Industry

on September 5, 2017
The natural disasters are hitting hard right now, forcing many to evacuate, and prompting numerous calls for help. In the south, Harvey has demolished parts of Texas. While many homes and local businesses have been lost, the effects of the hurricane are widespread. They reach plants and mills throughout Texas...

Invisible Thief: How Your Packaging is Bleeding You Dry

on August 28, 2017
Take a moment to define your supply chain. What functions are included? While you’re thinking about product flow, information flow, and finances flow, ask yourself where packaging fits in. Would packaging even make your list if it weren’t mentioned here? Think about everything that packaging is exposed to: conveyors, storage,...