What Costs can You Cut from Packaging?

on June 1, 2019

Most companies have opportunities to cut costs, especially when it comes to packaging. Clearly there is an endless range of conditions that can differ from business to business…

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Two BC Mills Temporary Shutdown Impacts Lumber Prices

on May 6, 2019

In early 2018, softwood lumber prices were at an all-time high and the industry itself was volatile. Mills couldn’t keep up with the demand, yet experts predicted the…

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Avoid Disaster when Tradeshow Shipping

on April 8, 2019

For many companies, tradeshows are major events. The opportunity to physically put yourself in the middle of a crowd of your target audience is golden. Therefore, it’s vital…

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What Makes Corrugated Packaging Eco-Friendly

on March 8, 2019

Being an environmentally responsible company isn’t just about obligation. If you research how consumers weigh social responsibility when choosing brands, the numbers have been steadily increasing from as…

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Tackling the Trifecta of International Shipping: Compliance, Corrosion Inhibition, and Efficiency

on February 8, 2019

Shipping in general can cause a lot of headaches. If you need to ship overseas, there’s an extra set of boxes to check, especially if you’re using wood…

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Keeping Customers Who Received Delayed Delivery

on January 31, 2019

Timely delivery is most crucial during the holidays, and unfortunately, it’s when shipping challenges are most rife. Delays and damage to packages can ruin a business’s reputation, but…

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Weather Related Shipping Disasters & How to Avoid them

on November 27, 2018

While it may be the most wonderful time of the year for celebrations, it’s a nightmare for any company that ships goods. Temperatures impact products, weather conditions slow…

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Replacing Wood May not be only Relief from Lumber Prices

on November 12, 2018

As lumber prices soar and sustainability becomes more important, you may want to consider the cost and quality of some of your other packaging. Specifically, where you’re using…

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Changes to ISPM 15 Standards: Fumigant

on October 15, 2018

Treating wood packaging material (WPM) with fumigants has been a way of life since the IPPC approved the ISPM-15 guidelines in 2002. To date, Methyl Bromide has been…

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Low Grade Lumber: Victim of Circumstance

on October 2, 2018

Low-grade lumber prices are the highest they’ve ever been. Considering the U.S. was just hit with Hurricane Florence, the industry expects a spike in materials like wood. Post-natural…

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