A good packaging solution is a great investment

on December 3, 2013

A well engineered packaging/crating system can save businesses thousands of dollars over the life of a product.  Packnet specializes in creating cost effective and environmentally friendly  packaging solutions for industrial and commercial applications.    The following are just a few of the ways Packnet can save you money on your packaging, shipping and storage.

  • Cost Effective use of Materials:  Many businesses who design their own packaging will end up with far more expensive solutions that don’t work nearly as well as it should.   Packnet’s has tons of experience and expertise as well as access to equipment, technology and raw materials that allow Packnet to create the most cost effective solutions available in the industry.
  • Reusable Packaging:  Many of Packnet’s custom packaging and crating solutions are reusable.   This saves on material and the environment.
  • Reduce Damage:  Improper or poorly design packaging can result in product damage.  Packet assesses all potential sources of damage including shock, vibration, temperature, humidity and other potential issues relating to shipping and storage. We then engineer a unique packaging solution to fit that need.
  • Operational Efficiency:   In addition to creating packaging systems that minimize damage, Packnet has created shipping and storage solutions that can integrate with your manufacturing and supply chain processes.   This can reduce material handling labor as well as reduce inventory costs.
  • Reduce Accidents:  Poorly design crating solutions can be an ergonomic nightmare for your shipping department.  Packnet can create easy to load and unload solutions that will reduce the stress and strain on your workforce.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Shipping Costs and Delays:  Sometimes just a few inches added to the crate size can eliminate certain transport options.    Crates that are not marked correctly or are not compliant to international shipping standards can undergo fines or delays.   Improper weight distribution can cause additional trucking charges.   There are hundreds of potential issues in transporting your product.   One small error or omission can result in added costs or long shipping delays.  Packnet has the experience to help you “steer clear” of these potential pitfalls in shipping.

Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised when they see the cost savings after Packnet analyzes their situation and develops a custom solution.   If you would like to see what potential savings that a custom packaging solution can give you, contact us for a free packaging assessment.