Canada to U.S. ISPM-15 Exemption to End by 2014 for Pallets

on March 9, 2012

New reports are now indicating that the ISPM-15 exemption for wood pallets and packaging will extend beyond the 2013, which was previous thought to be the target deadline.  It is now being reported that the U.S. now intends to implement ISPM-15 for U.S. – Canada shipments “no sooner” than January 2014. 

The main point of contention by groups such as Canadian Wood Packaging & Container Association (CWPCA) is that ISPM-15 compliance would cost the Canadian pallet industry $30 million and also result in a one-time $300 million cost to pallet users. 

When CPWCA recently asked for an update on the U.S. plans, USDA said the proposed rule is in departmental review to address all issues, but that “full implementation is not expected before 2014.”