Civil strife is another risk for shipping damages or delays

Brazil Public workers strike that started with the public teachers in May has spread to include over 400,000 public workers and officials.   The strike has impacted imports by slowing inspections down and also not recognizing the ISPM 15 stamps thereby requiring all wood packaging to be fumigated on the spot.

The strike has resulted in significant delays and there appears to be no end in sight. 

The Brazil labor dispute highlights another risk of international and national shipping, labor and civil unrest.    The following countries have had riots or major strikes disrupting government functioning in the last 3 years:

Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Ecuador, England, Yemen, Egypt, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia and Cyprus, Portugal, Austria, Ethiopia, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Ukraine, Kenya, Turkey, Russia, Jordan, Bolivia, New Delhi, Bulgaria, Moldova, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Kosovo and Morocco.

In most cases the disruption was short term and minimal, also many of the countries listed above are not major importers of US goods.  But the risk is always there for shipment or transport disruptions and even lost or damaged goods.   About the only way one can be protected from cargo loss due to civil unrest is to have a good insurance policy.  It might be a good idea to ask your insurance company if they cover loss from strikes, riots and other civil unrest.

Packnet can’t do much to protect our customers from shipping disruptions caused by labor disputes; thank goodness this is a very small percent of any cargo risk.  Damage due to mishandling is still the number one cause of cargo damage.   Packnet specializes in providing  custom engineered packaging solutions that help minimize this type of damage.