Custom corrugated plastic for storing water softener salt

on October 18, 2012

The above image is of custom corrugated plastic containers developed by Packnet for Diamond Crystal salt bags used for water softeners. 

Consider the environment that the containers could possible see sitting outside at a gas station.

  • Temperature extremes of summer and winter
  • Rain, snow, sleet and frost
  • Spilled salt
  • Grease, oil and gasoline
  • Standing water

You can see that there are several bags of salt in each bin; each bag weighs 40 pounds and we are sure that the walls of the containers take quite a beating when someone drags a bag out from the bottom.

This application demonstrates a lot of the great features of corrugated plastic; it is durable, resistant to environmental and chemical factors and can be made to look attractive.   This is one of many custom packaging solutions that Packnet has developed with corrugated plastic.