Environmentally friendly packaging films that will meet any environmental regulation

Plastic is an ideal packaging solution, it is flexible, moisture resistant and inexpensive.  It often is durable enough to be used over and over again and it is recyclable. 

However sometimes it is not possible to assure that the plastic wraps will be recycled.   Burying plastic in landfills in not a good environmental solution since it will not decompose.

If you are looking for a material that is similar to plastic but is biodegradable, then Packnet has a solution to meet your needs.  Packnet proudly distributes Cortec products that can substitute for plastic film.

These films are fully compostable and biodegradable so they would have the lowest environmental impact possible.  They have a variety of applications and can be made to sustain temperature extremes or be made with outstanding mechanical properties to assure that your flexible film has the strength needed to easily withstand the application.

Packnet has been engineering environmentally safe packaging solutions for years,  contact a Packnet technical representative for more information on how we can develop green packaging solutions for your industrial needs.