Fiberboard is the low cost solution for many packaging requirements

on December 6, 2012

Packet prides itself on creating durable packaging solutions where the client has the option of reusing the package container.  Interplant handling and tradeshow display transport are just a couple of the many applications for reusable packaging.  Corrugate plastic is often a great choice for reusable packaging applications.

However not all packaging applications are amenable to reusing.  In many of these cases, using corrugated plastic or wood is over kill.    Corrugated fiberboard is often the ideal material because it is low cost, recyclable, light weight and can be fabricated to have sufficient durability properties.   Corrugated fiberboard can be reinforced and cushioned.   Our computerized design systems and precision cutting capabilities can transform ordinary fiberboard into a custom packaging system that is ideal for your needs.

Packnet has supplied a variety businesses with custom created low cost packaging solutions for volumes ranging from 1 to millions. 

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