How to Save on Freight Costs

on April 29, 2012

While it is difficult to escape from the realities of fuel prices, there are a number ways that one can save on freight costs:

  • Plan:  The more time you allow for shipping, the more options you have.    Don’t lock yourself into having to ship the quickest way possible; that is sure to guarantee the highest shipping cost.
  • Shop Around:  There are many types of freight companies.  The common carrier is a company with its own shipping resources.  They tend to give the best pricing to very large customers that have a great deal of leverage.   The common carrier is usually a more expensive option for companies that ship less frequently.   A third party freight logistics company or freight forwarder can often be the cheapest (and sometimes the best) option for shipping.   The best choice for a shipping company does depend on the weight, size and destination of the cargo.
  • Documentation:   Not having your paperwork correct can cause back end fees or shipping delays.  Make sure that you have all the documentation needed and that everything is correct.
  • Design:  Outside dimensions of your cargo crate play a big role in determining the shipping options.  Even a couple inches in added length can have a major impact on the transportation costs.

Packnet can proactively work with you to help with your freight options.  Our experience and knowledge in both domestic and overseas shipping can help you save time and money in transporting your cargo.