IPPC Compliant Materials

on February 9, 2012

Packnet still discovers even today some new opportunities for manufacturers and shippers that are unknowingly exporting non compliant IPPC approved heat treated lumber materials.  The IPPC auditing program has been in  existence for 8 years and there still are companies that ship non conforming product unknowingly.  This includes shipments to Canada and Mexico. One reason for this is likely due to the volume of exports each day and many countries (including the USA) do not have the resources to inspect each inbound pallet or crate for proper markings. Don’t get caught however with this dillema.

We’ve heard first hand of the costly mistakes.  Non compliant packaging may be simply removed and destroyed, or shipped back at the shippers expense.Other common issues are costly delays and headaches!
Keep in mind the goal of this program is to prevent the spread of invasive pests that could be living in non heat treated or non fumigated wood packaging and have a negative impact on plants or ecosystems.  All of our wood packaging materials are heat treated and stamped as such for compliancy. We are audited by Timber Products Inspection agency on a monthly basis.