Is global warming a farce?

on September 18, 2013

About 2 months ago Packnet posted an article relating to upcoming global changes that will have a major impact on the shipping industry.

In that post one of the factors is global warming.   “It’s no secret that the ice around the polar cap is melting”   The effect of this while catastrophic for the environment would open up shipping lanes above Russia and Canada.   These shipping lanes could significantly reduce shipping times on some routes.

We bring this article up because recently there have been news about the polar ice cap growing by nearly a million square miles since last year and that some scientists are indicating that we are in a period of global cooling.   Several online news sites and bloggers have picked up on this, as we are seeing sort of an explosion of posts that dispute global warming.  What should one make of these claims?

We at Packnet are not climate experts, we are packaging experts but we do have some observations about this.  We reviewed a number of recent stories and have come up with the following:

  • Most of the online stories we see come from one source, the Daily Mail, not exactly a highly prestigious news org like CNN, Forbes or the BBC.  This doesn’t say they are wrong, but we would like see this substantiated by more well known news sources.
  • The observation that the polar ice cap grew by 60% from 2012 is largely true, but when this data is viewed over a longer trend, we see that there have been periods in past where there was a large recovery from the previous years as this article succinctly points out.
  • The several articles that indicate that some scientists are pointing toward a global cooling period all cite one source:  Professor Tsonis of the University of Wisconsin.
  • It is also true that global temperatures are now well below what many of the global warming models predicted a few years ago.   In fact temperature rates seem to have flattened over the last decade.   However when it comes to predicting and modeling climate change, 15 years is a very small period of time to observe data.

In our post it was stated that by 2050, the full arctic region could be open for part of the year.    We have not seen anybody out there retracting this statement;   we are waiting to see if Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has any changes in its predictions when its report is published in a few weeks.  In the mean time we are seeing a lot of articles debunking global warming as a trend.    We also see many articles that support global warming theories.   It appears that both sides sometimes are “cherry picking” data to support their claims.

We at Packnet are not climate experts nor are we knowledgeable enough to dispute or support global warming,  we are concerned enough about its possibility  that we encourage all to adapt measures that  slow the pumping  of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.