Large format steel rule die cutting handles a lot of needs

on November 30, 2012

Some corrugated packaging solutions may involve containers that are fairly large.   Many times the base of the container starts out as a flat sheet of corrugated plastic.  In the concept development or prototype stage, Packnet normally uses a CNC machine to cut and score the plastic so it can be folded into a tray or container then sonic welded, glued or riveted.   CNC cutting sheets work very well for prototypes, but can get fairly expensive in high volumes so Packnet steel rule die cuts the sheets of materials when higher volumes are needed.

Most of your conventional die cutting machines do not allow a big enough steel rule die to cut and score the large plastic sheets that are required.   Packnet uses a large flat bed die cutter where the steel rule die is passed under rollers with the material stacked on top.  The steel rule die is very accurate and can last a long time when the die cutter is set up properly.  Packnet’s flat bed die machine can handle a steel rule die size of nearly 80” x 115”, so we can cut very large parts.  Typical materials die cut are corrugated plastic, corrugated, and foams.

The large format die cutter is not only used as part of our container fabrication process, but many companies subcontract out large parts to us.   There are very few companies that have the ability to steel rule cut parts with as large a format as we can. 

If you have a need to die cut very large parts, please call or contact us for a competitive quote.

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