List of Resources for US Exporters

Many businesses are thinking about starting to export products to expand their markets.  We at Packnet think that this is a great idea and strongly encourage this.  Packnet can help you out with our your export crating and packing needs including our mobile packing service where we send a small team of packaging technicians out to your business and pack the crates for you using all the best practices for cargo packaging.

Packnet can also engineer a custom crating solution for your ongoing export packaging needs including ISPM 15 compliant materials; we can help assure that your crate sizes and crate markings are compliant with shippers and importers.  Designs may be achieved for you to load the crates as well.

Below is a list of resources that we think you might find valuable if you are looking into exporting your products – Extensive information available on exporting, this website is designed to help businesses with all aspects of exporting – Lots of updates on specific topics relating to exporting – you can find a local export assistance center at this site. – List of countries that require ISPM 15 compliance – Find out what tariffs different countries are charging – Find out import/export requirements by country – Lots of good resources relating to export packaging and exporting in general