Packnet’s packaging solution helped local company save thousands of dollars

on November 12, 2013

J.C. Younger manufactures and refurbishes industrial chillers.   They sell or rent chillers of different sizes and capacities for a variety of industrial applications and ship them to all parts of the US.   Transporting chillers to the customer destination has been an issue as 20 % of shipments were sustaining some sort of damage.

After unsuccessfully trying their own crate design, J.C Younger went to Packnet for a solution.   They spent a great deal of time researching vendors that specialized in industrial packaging solutions.    J.C Younger found Packnet’s initial response time to be very impressive and they were pleased with Packnet’s pricing.

Packnet created and built custom shock skids.   The results were outstanding as it was obvious that the solution was working from the onset.

According to Sandy Younger, co-owner:  “Since using Packnet’s wooden shock-mounted skids, we can honestly say zero percent of our loads have had  shipment damages.  The elimination of damaged shipments saves us around $100,000 a year, as well as makes our satisfied customers return.”

Packnet has the experience, expertise, materials and technology to develop custom packaging solutions for industrial applications that will help generate the greatest return for your investment.  Contact Packnet today to speak with a technical packaging expert.