Salvaging products that are rusted or corroded

on March 25, 2014

Getting your shipment rejected by your customer because of rust or corrosion on the product is usually the result of improper packaging. This actually happened to one Cortec customer (who did not use Cortec product for the original shipment). The supplier was Hitachi Metals and the customer was Land Rover. 1300 exhaust manifolds were rejected for rust.

Replacing manifolds would be a very expensive proposition; fortunately, Cortec was able to provide a fast, effective and low cost solution.

After Cleanup

After Cleanup

The manifolds were de-rusted by soaking them in a solution of VpCI®-422, a product specifically design for aggressive rust removal for iron, copper, carbon, steel, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel and their alloys. This product will also brighten aluminum and copper and is safe enough to use in the home.

After the rust was removed, the product was de-greased using VpCI®- 416, which is a heavy duty water-based alkaline cleaner that also provides up to 6 months corrosion protection. The substance is non-toxic and non-corrosive. VpCI®- 416 can be applied by spray, submersion, steam cleaners and power washers.

Once the manifolds were completely cleaned up, they were shipped in a packing case that was lined with VpCI®-126 blue polyethylene, giving the manifolds up to 2 years of protection.

The re-shipment passed customers inspection. If you would like more information on our corrosion protection products you can contact a Packnet Engineer or go to our corrosion inhibitor web pages.