Shipping cases that will put your mind at ease

on September 8, 2013

The video below shows a Chinese baggage handler blatantly abusing the packages being loaded.    Less than half the boxes actually landed on the conveyor belt and made it up the ramp.   It is hard to tell what the contents of the boxes are but one wonders if they were packaged to with that type of abuse in mind.


China isn’t the only place where baggage handlers abuse containers.  This video shows a continental baggage handler at the Newark Liberty Airport.  In reviewing this video one can easily blame the handler for a bad attitude, but one wonders about the type of training, supervision and planning that Continental Airlines has.



Even under the best of circumstances baggage’s will receive a lot of bumping and vibration during transit,   coming across disgruntled or moronic baggage handlers is like icing on the cake.

If one is really worried about how your product will hold up to this type of handling, then Packnet’s durable shipping cases with foam inserts should put your mind to rest.  Packnet can provide packaging solutions with either standard or custom cases.    For more information on Packnet shipping cases, contact us to speak to a Packnet technical support specialist.