Top 8 examples of careless or idiotic handling of packages

on September 17, 2013

We have come across a number of videos over the last year or two that entailed either blatant disregard by employees or very poor judgment by someone.   The following are some of the more notable videos we came across that were related to product packaging or handling.    The compilation reveals that shipping and handling is vulnerable to freaks of nature, poor judgment, and blatant disregard for property or just plain bad luck.

Our first video shows one of the more expensive disasters that is partially due to mother nature, but also due to some very poor judgment. A Russian cargo ship goes through a storm with 52 cars parked on the deck.  The shipping company decided not to strap the cars down.  The customer also had to sign a waiver that the shipping company was not liable for any damage.

Our second video shows how violent rough seas can be and its affect on even reasonably secured cargo.

The next video shows that sometimes the most dangerous part of an overseas shipment is the loading and or unloading of the cargo.  A caterpillar truck is shown being loaded onto a cargo ship; the problem is that the lifting chains are not strong enough.  The truck is dropped on the cargo ship, but obviously not where it was intended.  Not sure what they did next to fix the situation.

In this video a FedEx driver is caught red handed tossing a computer over a fence.   The computer was broken.   This video went viral and made the news, much to Federal express’s dismay.

In this next video is a Fed Ex driver is caught on camera by someone with a knack for play by play narration.    In fairness to Fed Ex it should be pointed out that these videos are 3 to 5 years old.  One would hope that with the publicity that they have gotten from these viral videos that they would have cleaned up their act by now.

Well actually here is another video captured in March 2013 of a Fed Ex employee tossing packages into a truck.  So I guess Federal Express did not completely learn its lessons from the past.   The video went viral and was featured in this news cast.  Fed Ex did respond by issuing a strong statement and terminating that employee.  Perhaps the company is finally learning.

This next video shows a United States Postal Service driver pulling up to a stop, leaving the van and apparently forgetting to put the brakes on.   There was some damage to a car, but it appears no one got hurt, and it looks like the packages in the truck were safe as well.   The driver did not exhibit blatant disrespect for property, just got careless.


Loading and material handling can be fraught with safety hazards, in this video a forklift driver is in for a surprise when the truck being loaded pulls away.   Shows how poor communication and lack of safety procedures can create dangerous situations.

There are lots of videos catching airport baggage handlers mishandling packages.   This video is at an airport in China.   Apparently, word that any airport baggage person is probably being videoed did not reach this airport worker.

Packnet specializes in custom packaging and crating for shipments that undergo every transit circumstance imaginable.   While some of the videos give an amusing glimpse of what can go wrong in shipping,  Packnet takes this issue very seriously and  understands what is needed for products to “survive” shipping.