Using Foam to Protect Your Packaging

on March 26, 2012

More foam isn’t always the answer to protecting your product during shipping and handling.  We commonly hear the question or suggestion…”let’s use more foam”.  The best approach is based upon a review of the product fragility, the amount of foam and the density of the foam.  A good example of this is a rigid foam pad fit tightly between the inner wall of a shipping container and the product.  We needed to explain to the client that if too dense of foam or too tight a fit (foam already compressed), any impact on the outer shipping container or box will transfer that energy directly to the product itself.


Foam Cushioning:  Another important detail when designing packaging is to have accurate weights of the product or equipment.  We engineer and design our packaging based on cushioning curves and various foam types and densities.  Although not always an exact science, other factors will impact our designs including mode of transportation and number of shipments the packaging needs to withstand.

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