We combine a variety of capabilities to develop unique packaging solutions

on March 20, 2013

Packnet has a variety of capabilities as well as custom and standard product offerings for industrial packaging solutions.   Products include custom foam, custom wood crates, corrugated plastic, wood pallets, corrosion protection products, handling indicators, hard cases and much more.  Likewise we have capabilities that include waterjet cutting, large format die cutting, precision cnc cutting, ultrasonic welding and other custom wood fabrication equipment.

When Packnet develops a custom engineered packaging solution, any or all of its capabilities and product offerings can be used.  The key to success is Packnet’s vast engineering expertise, short lead times and experience in developing custom packaging solutions from a wide selection of materials.

Packnet just recently developed a solution for Vortex Optics.   Vortex Optics had a large array of equipment, products and displays that needed to be transported to and from trade shows without damage.  The solution was a combination of hard sided shipping cases with custom foam and custom designed wooden trade show crates.  The solution saved Vortex significant time in setup and tear down of its trade show booths.  The solutions were 100% reusable.

Packnet strives to create custom packaging solutions that maximize your return on investment.