Can Custom Packaging Save You Money?

Can Custom Packaging Save You Money?

slotlockhomelinksIn manufacturing, there are many tough decisions to make about efficiency. As consumers grow more accustomed to immediate gratification and attention to aesthetic detail, businesses constantly have to evaluate how to comply. With advancing technology, managers are never short on options. However, comparisons must be weighed heavily to determine the tru ROI of changes. Adding new software or automation is an investment, and not everyone yields the same benefits.

The same is true for packaging and its process. This is a key element in product lifecycle management. Packaging dictates things like the time and efficiency to enclose the product, effectiveness of protection, and presentation to the customer. The overall cost/savings analysisof a custom packaging solution should factor in the same things that we at Packnet consider in our solutions:

Ergonomics and Safety: manufacturing and warehousing track among the highest recorded work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) every year. These include acute incidents and accidents, and also chronic disorders that develop over time. They are hard on employees’ quality of life, expensive for both employee and employer, and impact workers’ abilities to perform their jobs. It’s one of the costliest aspects of a business. When a custom packaging design can prevent accidents and MSDs, the ROI is significant.

Labor/Material Handling Costs: custom packaging should make it easier for employees to accomplish their work. Be it fewer steps in a process or fewer physical steps taken to complete a job, these reductions add up quickly. Simplifying and/or speeding up the packaging process has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Material Costs: finding the cheapest material for your goods doesn’t mean you’ll save on packaging. You can end up spending more on filler, for example, by saving money on box sizes. Materials can also fluctuate in price and availability. Anyone who’s purchased wood this last year knows how volatile the cost and availability have been.  Ultimately, if you’re not using effective protection, it will cost you in damages to your product and potentially your business. Selecting custom packaging materials should be done carefully and with the long-term in mind.

Environmental Impact: sustainability is more important than ever. Not only is your carbon footprint at hand, but using eco-friendly options like recyclable and reusable systems can decrease your overall cost.

Regulations: if you don’t comply with regulations on certain goods and materials for various forms of shipping, you can end up with delayed shipments, fines, and other consequences that are bad for business.  Custom services should guarantee regulation compliance. You shouldn’t be expected to be the expert in this – your packaging company is.

If you’re looking for a custom packaging solution, use a company that prioritizes your best interests. At Packnet, we have a passion for analyzing and solving customer challenges quickly with short lead times. See what the Packnet Difference would mean for your business: 952.944.9124;

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