Can Product Cases Hinder your Product Demonstration?

Can Product Cases Hinder your Product Demonstration?

If your product demonstrations aren’t resulting in as many sales as you would like, consider whether the case itself is working for your sales team.

salesdemocaseshomepagelinkWhen you’re doing a live demonstration of a product, impression goes far beyond the actual performance of the merchandise. Prospective customers are picking up a lot of visual cues that subconsciously influence their perception of your goods. Their initial impression – outside of the salesperson him or herself – is formed when they see the package or case you’ve chosen for this product. There are a couple of ways your product case can hurt the overall product demonstration, no matter how well it performs.

Perception of Quality

You could have a product that is gold-plated and diamond-studded, but if it’s encased in a plain cardboard box, it’s going to appear to be cheap. A product case that is obviously designed for the specific product it holds will convey more quality to the customer. Here are some features worth considering when choosing a product case:

  • Soft-sided or hard-sided? What makes the most sense for this product?
  • Is it durable enough to still appear new after numerous uses? How long before it looks worn and outdated? Consider how it will be handled during transport and the presentation.
  • Is your casing branded? This is an important touch that emphasizes how much you believe in the product.
  • Is the size perfect for everything you need to place in the case?
  • Does the case have proper protective material that can be reused for years?

Ultimately, the case itself should look like it was designed for something you value. It is both the first and last visual impression of your product.


Some electronic devices, instrumentation, and other sophisticated technologies can be better enhanced with a case that supports its functions. For example, Packnet worked with Emerson Process Management to improve product capabilities with the demo cases. The company builds process instrumentation, and salespeople wanted to show clients in real time how the diagnostics functioned. However, the product cases weren’t designed to allow them to do so. Packnet designed an innovative, lightweight but rugged case that is easily powered, and complete with a toggle power switch.

Many electrical products can be best demonstrated with a case that supports its functionality. It makes presentations more convenient and proves preparedness.

If your product case doesn’t add to the perceived value or real functionality of your product, contact Packnet to consult about improvements. Our engineers are fast, experienced, and innovative. They will identify ways that your cases can help you sell more successfully so you can decide what is right for you. Contact us at 952-944-92124, fill out our contact form, or request a free assessment. Read the case study for Emerson.

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