Hydra-Flex Fluid Innovation

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  • December 17, 2019

Case Study Description


Hydra-Flex is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company specializing in chemical delivery systems. The company’s innovative and leading edge manifolds and injectors are the perfect solution for chemical dispensing in all industries. The company’s rotating nozzles are among the strongest impact and longest lasting found anywhere. Hydra-Flex provides custom solutions using base technology for many different markets.

Background Challenge

Hydra-Flex needed a faster, more cost-efficient means to transport equipment to their customers. In addition to cost-efficiencies, the company needed quality packaging that would help equipment arrive without damage.

The Solution

After connecting with Packnet and learning about the Slot Lock™ container, Hydra-Flex was able to decrease their crating time from 45 minutes to 10 minutes per container. This has led to significant time savings, and therefore, cost savings. Slot Lock™ containers have increased productivity at Hydra-Flex and their customers like the look of the containers and the shipments.

The Slot Lock™ allows Hydra-Flex’s workforce to handle more business and the company is growing. The pallet/container itself arrives broken down and doesn’t take up much space. Production Supervisor Travis Wilk says, “The Slot Lock™ container is neat, tight, folds down easily, and assembles rock solid. The presentation is fantastic.” Hydra-Flex is expanding into another product category with Packnet’s convenient and cost-efficient packaging. “Packnet is dependable, reliable, and efficiently delivers a quality product that saves our company money,” added Wilk. “We also appreciate Packnet’s fantastic customer service.”

Case Study Details

The Slot Lock™ container has really helped increase our efficiencies. It is an outstanding product.


Travis Wilk, Production Supervisor