Interlaken Technology Corporation

Case Study Description


Interlaken Technology Corporation is located in Chaska, Minnesota. The company manufactures and develops large testing equipment for soil and asphalt testing, metal forming, leak and pressure testing, and autofrettage.


Interlaken determined it needed to find a vendor to help with international packaging, crating and shipping of very large and expensive systems.

The Problem

Finding a solution to ship large capital equipment internationally via 40ft. sea containers presented problems for Interlaken Technology. The company needed to locate a trusted supplier to ensure that the right kind of compliant wood packaging and rust inhibitor products would be used to prevent shipping, handling and corrosion damage to its valuable equipment while en route through a hazardous sea environment.

The Solution

Mark Vandervest, Interlaken’s Production Manager, had previously worked with Packnet on smaller-sized packaging projects with good success. Vandervest called his Packnet contact about his international shipping issues. Packnet easily confirmed it had the expertise to tackle these concerns. Packnet’s design engineers got to work using SolidWorks files to determine the best packaging yields and cubic utilization inside of crates as well as sea containers for each disassembled component. Packnet created a customized packaging and corrosion prevention solution utilizing Cortec VpCI vapor corrosion inhibitors for Interlaken’s shipments to Austria and China. The recommended and applied a combination of Cortec VpCI-325 (vegetable oil/solvent based liquid), VpCI-111 foam emitters and VpCI-126 blue poly products. The combination of these environmentally friendly Cortec products was a perfect solution for protection of the electronics and all metal surfaces while in transit.

Through this process, Interlaken realize the following benefits:

  • Both systems arrived at their international destinations safely and without damage
  • No messy clean up of rust preventative products at destination
  • Very satisfied Interlaken customers

Case Study Details

We have a great working relationship with Packnet, and I appreciate that they always get our items shipped anywhere safely. Packnet’s people listen carefully and communicate well, and they give us what we need.


Mark Vandervest, VP of Operations