Standby Systems, Inc

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  • December 9, 2019

Case Study Description

Fast Facts

Standby Systems, Inc. has delivered high-performance equipment and services to energy producers, gas and liquid transmission pipelines, natural gas distribution utilities, and industrial/commercial gas consumers of every size since 1975. They supply the natural gas industry with such things as propane-air peak shaving systems, gas metering and regulating stations and a variety of unique products that improve capacity on gas distribution systems, as well as computer-based control systems to provide complete solutions to clients.

Background Challenge

Standby Systems had a unique client situation that required a fast, but well devised solution. The company’s eastern USA utility suffered delays in a project which involved multiple pieces of large, custom process equipment made by Standby. A revised schedule required equipment to be stored outside in the elements for nine or more months after shipping it until contractors would be able to install it. This was the best and least expensive option for the client instead of renting a warehouse large enough to store multiple pieces. The decision was made to fully crate the equipment before shipping, but there was still a concern over how to protect the mainly galvanized steel equipment for outside storage. Standby suggested tarping it, but their client wanted stronger protection. The client was willing to invest in extra measures to ensure the equipment was protected.

The Solution

Standby was introduced to Packnet through another business they share space with in Minneapolis a few years ago. They called Packnet to develop a solution for them. Originally, Standby was thinking the equipment could be shrink-wrapped, another option they knew Packnet did for large equipment in the winter months. However, Standby’s client wanted the equipment fully encased in crates.

Packnet suggested adding humidity control to the crates they would design that would monitor the moisture levels and provide safekeeping of the contents, which in turn would give Standby’s client extra assurances. By the time Packnet was finished, 11 very large pieces of equipment were packed and secured including a couple of tanks too tall to ship vertically, so Packnet designed cradles for them. In the end, an ideal packaging solution was created and implemented that resulted in the protection of costly equipment and highly satisfied clients all around. “Packnet’s solution definitely helped us with our client relationship and that’s priceless!” said Standby Systems Vice President Ed Hoch.

Case Study Details

We don’t mess around. We know when we have a problem and especially a unique issue like this one, we just call Packnet and they build it. Packnet is really easy to work with and they take care of our needs.


Ed Hoch, Vice President