Case Study Description


TEN-E Packaging Services performs testing and offers training and consulting services that validates packaging integrity and improves the long-term performance of products and packaging across the globe. Their three ISO-compliant locations are in South Africa, California, and Minnesota. TEN-E became the first approval agency for the United States Department of Transportation to test and certify hazardous materials packaging. The company also tests packaging for various industries such as automotive, furniture, food products, cosmetics, medical, and pharmaceutical.


The packaging TEN-E tests and certifies for its clients requires robustness to meet or exceed performance tests of the United Nations (UN) and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. Their clients require exceptional and specialized packaging to ensure safety for all handlers.

The Problem

A large automotive company contracted packaging design work with TEN-E to create durable, reusable packaging. The caveat was that the new packaging also had to meet the UN/DOT packaging performance test requirements and work efficiently in an assembly line process once it arrived at its destination.

The Solution

TEN-E searched for a local Minnesota company that could help with their packaging needs. Packnet was contacted and consulted, and began working through the process with TEN-E to create designs that would fit their requirements. Packnet listened; quickly developed prototypes, and it didn’t take long before TEN-E had exactly what they needed. Packnet recommended a corrugated plastic solution designed to work with the material handling/delivery system for the automotive company’s assembly line. It allows for multiple uses within an industrial setting, and is easily robust enough to meet performance tests. TEN-E felt one of the biggest benefits of working with Packnet was their proximity to the testing laboratory. This enabled the engineers to come together and collaborate on the design in lieu of having to rely on conference calls and CAD drawings. Meeting face to face and seeing first-hand the intended use of the system being developed was invaluable – and with Packnet’s rapid turnaround time, the process went quickly. “The people at Packnet are personable and responsive. Their follow through is excellent, and the engineers we worked with were committed to staying on top of the project,” said a TEN-E representative.

Case Study Details

Packnet was responsive to our needs, committed to our project and flexible during the process.


Susan Hauge, Training Services Executive