The Trike Shop

Case Study Description


Founded in 1972, The Trike Shop is a family-owned business specializing in manufacturing motorcycle conversion kits for selected Honda and Harley-Davidson motorcycle models. The conversion kits change a motorcycle from two wheels to three, offering riders comfort and security with three points on the ground. In addition, The Trike Shop features custom built VW-powered trikes.


The Trike Shop manufactures approximately 700 conversion kits annually for more than 50 dealers nationally, and one in Japan. The conversion kit manufacturing process requires hands-on detailing during assembly as each kit is custom painted to match the bike’s color. Once complete, The Trike Shop takes great care by carefully crating and shipping the highly detailed, custom kits to their destination.

The Problem

The Trike Shop was experiencing numerous instances of damage to the fiberglass on the trikes from both the crating process and during shipping. The Trike Shop contacted Packnet to inquire about a custom packaging solution that would improve the crates used to ship the custom trikes.

The Solution

Packnet studied the existing issues facing The Trike Shop and developed a solution that not only offered improvements, but several labor and cost advantages as well. Packnet engineered a custom four-piece packaging solution constructed of corrugated cardboard and wood.

The Trike Shop realized several new business benefits from the new shipping solution:

  • The new crate design eliminated kit damage during the crating process and significantly reduced damage during shipping due to the improved strength of the new crates
  • New crates eliminated the need for an export crater for oversees shipments since they were designed to be ISPM 15-compliant for shipping worldwide
  • Shipping costs savings as the new crates were lighter weight than the previous ones
  • New crates were easier to assemble and pack which resulted in a 50 percent labor savings
  • Customers received cleaner kits because of the fully enclosed new design
  • Stacking and storage made easier by new design

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Case Study Details

You can really feel the strength of these new crates. Pushing on a corner is like trying to push a brick wall.


Trike Shop Owner