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  • December 17, 2019

Case Study Description


Vaddio manufactures cutting-edge camera technology for the audiovisual, videoconference, and broadcast industries. Vaddio’s top-of the line products include specialty broadcast quality PTZ security cameras, camera control systems and custom furniture. Vaddio manufactures the ClearVIEW HD family of cameras, which are the only PTZ cameras manufactured in the United States.


Vaddio’s sales staff has their products on hand when meeting with potential clients. The expensive, delicate cameras and other equipment are presented and demonstrated by sales representatives at meetings all over the world. The fragile equipment needs to be shipped safely and securely between meetings and across the world. To accomplish this, the sales reps require specialty cases that are exceptionally strong, but easily transportable.

The Problem

The sales representatives at Vaddio were using demo cases to send their products out, but this option was becoming very expensive. The problem was Vaddio’s products could be broken and scattered without using the best cases available, but the company’s existing demo case supplier was marking up the prices so high that it was cost prohibitive.

The Solution

Vaddio’s Project Manager Ken Hanson believes in working locally with partners whenever possible — and working with good people who do good work. Hanson researched and found Packnet. The two teams met to discuss Vaddio’s packaging needs. Hanson took product to Packnet’s office for review and it didn’t take long for Packnet to create a portable case suited specifically for Vaddio’s needs. Hanson knew he had found Vaddio’s new packaging partner. “Packnet was flexible and responsive, and they got everything figured out in a short amount of time.”

Packnet selected the Gemstar Sentinal 1824-12 industrial case for Vaddio. This case is highly rated, customizable for the customer’s needs and comes with a lifetime warranty. Packnet utilized its waterjet and die cutting capabilities, along with various adhesive methods to customize the inside of the cases to transport fragile contents safely. The newly designed case is like a piece of light luggage, with wheels and a fold-down handle, and is easily maneuvered through an airport or lifted into a trunk. Vaddio was able to save money and offer a better price to its dealers. “All the sales people love our new durable, heavy-duty case with the sleek design,” says Hanson. “Packnet was very responsive, flexible, and listened to what we needed – and we were off and running right away with their impressive product and turn-around time.”

Case Study Details

I really appreciated working with Packnet and two of the many reasons is because they listened and provided a solution in a short amount of time.


Ken Hanson, Project Manager