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  • September 21, 2022

Case Study Description


WoodMaxx is a veteran-owned, industry-leading, designed PTO, skid steer, and standalone power equipment company specializing in USA-made PTO woodchippers. With the WoodMaxx exclusive, patented, and trademarked POW-R-TORQ™ infeed system embedded into these machines, we’ve provided the best of both worlds for your average homeowner and commercial businesses. This hydrostatic technology can only be found on our American-made WoodMaxx MX-series woodchippers. This powerful system creates the most precise, powerful, and efficient infeed system available on any PTO woodchipper on the market today.

Background Challenge 

WoodMaxx needed multi-purpose, robust, and long-lasting crated packaging to ensure undamaged delivery to our valued customers. In addition to durability, the company desired packaging that DIY customers could reuse for at-home projects.

The Solution 

After hours of intense research and coming across the Slot-Lock™ proprietary reusable container, WoodMaxx determined they could decrease the number of damaged shipments to less than 5%. This led to significant time savings for their service department, shipping department, and technicians in the shop who spent time repairing damaged machines. WoodMaxx significantly decreased the storage space taken up with this broken-down packaging. Before Slot-Lock™, they filled 3x the room from conventional packaging methods. The WoodMaxx customers have complimented slot-Lock™ containers on more than one occasion, making the brand stand out amongst others.

The Slot-Lock™ design has given the WoodMaxx team the confidence they need to reassure their customers of a seamless shipping experience. It’s the perfect solution to safely deliver shipments, increase packaging efficiency for their assemblers, and protect the heart of the WoodMaxx brand and their MX-series chippers. WoodMaxx stated, “Packnet has been a pleasure to work with, dependable, and truly exceeds our expectations in every aspect.”

Case Study Details

Packnet has been a pleasure to work with, dependable, and truly exceeds our expectations in every aspect.


WoodMaxx Team