Corrosion can be a big issue in brake lines

Corrosion can be a big issue in brake lines

brakelineCorrosion is a problem that affects just about every industry, including automotive.   One of the most vital components of a car or truck its brake system.  When maintaining or inspecting brakes, most mechanics and owners are concerned about wear and tear with the brake linings or brake shoes, but corrosion in the brake line can also be an issue as this article about a motorist who received a huge brake repair bill demonstrated.

According to the article, the owner of a 2005 GMC Yukon had over $3,600 in brake system repair costs.  While the vehicle is beyond its warrantee, the consumer maintained that brake line corrosion was a problem with this make and model and there should have been a recall.   GM has denied that there is a problem with its brake line and insists that brake line rust is part of normal wear and tear.

According to GM has had a much higher rate of complaints as the list below shows:

  • Chevrolet models, model years 1999-2008: 1,372 complaints.
  • GMC models, model years 1999-2008: 485 complaints.
  • Ford models, model years 1999-2008: 153 complaints.
  • Chrysler and Dodge, model years 1999-2008: 114 complaints.
  • Toyota models, model years 1999-2008: 58 complaints.
  • Honda models, model years 1999-2008: 15 complaints.

Source of Data.

It should be noted that Subaru recalled over 660,000 vehicles due to brake line corrosion issues.  Their remedy was to do inspection and replacement as well as apply an anti-corrosion wax.

Cortec is one of the leading experts in corrosion issues and retarding corrosion.   Many industrial and automotive manufactures have consulted with Cortec about corrosion and have used Cortec solutions.  Cortec has a product called M-408 that is specifically designed to be compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5 brake fluids.  This product is not intended for consumers but for manufacturers.   Brake linings issues are very complex, and rust issues can have a multitude of causes not related to the brake fluid.   The best advice for consumers it is to have regular brake inspections by a qualified brake mechanic.

Packnet is a leading distributor of Cortec products and specializes in corrosion protection in packaging and storage of industrial products.   If you have a possible corrosion concern on your products,  please feel free to contact Packnet.

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