Reducing Costs of Firetrucks and First Responder Equipment

on August 15, 2017

VpCI diagramWe’ve been focusing a lot on the fires in British Columbia and their effects on the lumber supply. This is but one aspect of what is significantly impacting the lives of thousands of people. Over 7,000 residents are still displaced from 27 evacuation orders. Over 250 companies have called the B.C. Economic Development Association’s business recovery hotline thus far. And, of course, thousands of firefighters and other rescue workers have been working diligently to stop the fires and aid those impacted.

In fact, a snapshot of a single day shows 3,800 people fighting more than 120 fires. It’s estimated that nearly 2,000 square miles have been burned by upwards of 870 fires since April 1st. The destruction has cost the province $211.7 million in fire suppression efforts thus far.

For first responders, expense tallies can jump unexpectedly during and after the fire event. Early last week, for example, a water pump and 10 hoses were stolen from crews fighting a wildfire northeast of Nelson. This creates a lot of setbacks and unforeseen costs.

For any fire department, trucks and equipment are both expensive and vital to maintain. Obviously, everything needs to not only be working properly to be effective, but also to ensure the safety of the crew and public. One of the most costly expenses of metal and electronic parts is corrosion.

The very nature of using water to put out fire creates an environment conducive to corrosion. If left unattended, rust and other oxidation will shorten the life of anything metal or electronic, including brakes, water pressure gauges, engines, lighting, and pump controls. All of these are necessary for equipment to work flawlessly – something that cannot be compromised.

Preventing this damage and extending the life of everything on a rig reduces fire department costs dramatically. Cleaning alone will not prevent corrosion. The most effective way to protect these assets is by using vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI®) products during and after cleaning.

VpCI® technology protects exteriors as well as hard-to-reach surfaces because the molecules vaporize and condense on metal surfaces. It is long-lasting and flame retardant. Packnet carries a full line of VpCI cleaners, degreasers, and rust/oxide removers for metal, and protection for electronic components. By cleaning regularly and using a corrosion inhibitor, you literally save thousands of dollars, potentially over the course of just a year. You can find out more about these products by calling 952-944-9124 or visiting our corrosion inhibitor page.