Corrugated Hybrid Crates

Corrugated Hybrid Crates

Corrugated fiberboard and wood combinations to create sturdy, economical crate shipping solutions.

Crates don’t have to be 100% wood. Corrugated box material can used for crate walls and tops. These sleeves are tintegrated with wood pallets to create a lighter weight and lower cost one-way shipping solution.

This construction can be reinforced to create additional strength for shipping and stacking.  Foam can also be added to add cushioning and additional protection.

Additional custom features such as ramps and printing for branding and handling instructions can easily be incorporated to create the perfect hybrid crate for your application.

Read about how we successfully implemented this type of hybrid crate for this automotive part manufacturer.

Packnet's use of multiple packaging materials and engineered design approach allows us to make functional, sturdy corrugated hybrid crates.

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