Corrugated plastic; ideal for building boats as well as custom packaging

Corrugated plastic; ideal for building boats as well as custom packaging

In a previous blog, we wrote about someone who is marketing a foldable kayak made out of corrugated plastic.

Kayaks aren’t the only kind of boat that can be built out of corrugated plastic; here is a blog by an outdoorsman who build a foldable rowboat out of corrugated plastic.

Corrugated plastic is an ideal material to use for “home made” boats or even boats made by more sophisticated methods.   For the outdoor enthusiast who prefers hiking or biking into the woods rather than pulling a boat and trailer,  a light weight collapsible boat that can be easily carried is ideal.  Corrugated plastic is a great choice of material for a number of reasons:

  • Water proof:  Obviously a must if you are going to build a boat.   Water does not penetrate or soften plastic, it can virtually last forever sitting in water.   Corrugated plastic is also resistant to a number of chemicals.   Some of Packnets containers are used to hold salt bags located at gas stations.
  • Durable:  Corrugated plastic lasts a long time, has good strength characteristics.  Many corrugated plastic totes are used thousands of times.
  • Light weight:  Corrugated Plastics has excellent strength to weight ratios.
  • Easy to work with:  Corrugated plastic can be folded, scored, cut, welded, riveted and even duct taped.   Whether you are do-it –yourselfer with just a set of hand tools, or a manufacturer with precision cutting, welding and fastener equipment, corrugated plastic will do the trick.
  • Non-corrosive:  Plastic doesn’t rust.
  • Cost effective:  There may be other materials that have equivalent properties, but none are as inexpensive as corrugated plastic.

Packnet is not in the business of building corrugated plastic boats, but we create hundreds of innovative packaging solutions using corrugated plastic in small or large volumes.    We start with experienced engineering expertise using state of the art cad design systems.  Packet then can use a variety of machines such as water jet cutting,  cnc routing,  ultrasonic welding,  hot-glue bonding and mechanical fastening equipment to create a custom packaging solution for your company.

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