Corrugated plastic is ideal for custom packaging solutions

Corrugated plastic is ideal for custom packaging solutions

diamondcrystalcontainerPacknet uses corrugated plastic for many of its custom packaging and reusable solutions.   This material is ideal for custom and standard containers as well as a number of other applications including construction, medical, industrial, manufacturing and signage.

Plastic can be thermoformed, molded or extruded.   Most corrugated plastics are made out of polypropylene and can be colored or even be made transparent.  Packnet processes both Polyethylene (PE) laminate as well as the extruded Polypropylene (PP) corrugated plastic materials.  The PE material is ideal for durability when handling and temperature extremes are present.  A good example of this is the commonly used US Postal Totes Corrugated plastic is an ideal solution for many applications because:

  • It is relatively strong
  • It is light weight, lighter than most materials of similar mechanical properties especially metal.
  • It is durable, corrugated materials can be made highly resistant to UV light, temperature extremes and many chemicals.
  • It is relatively inexpensive
  • It is recyclable
  • It is water resistant

Additionally, corrugated plastic is easy to fabricate into a solution; it can be cut, welded, creased, printed, glued and riveted.   It can be purchased in a number of thicknesses and density weights.

Packnet has created a number of unique packaging solutions such as a carrying/storage case for a soap box derby track, or outdoor signage.  Creating these solutions involved our software design tools, cutting technologies including waterjet, cnc knife, die-cutting, our welding and bonding technologies as well as our nylon strap and buckle or foam assembly capabilities.

There are some interesting applications outside of packaging.  We have seen a number of boats, rafts or kayaks made out of corrugated plastic.   Several of them are collapsible as shown in this post.   Corrugated plastic is also used in agriculture areas such as tree wrap, roofs for sheds or even portable wall partitions.

Packnet has the technology and expertise to create corrugated plastic packaging solutions that are long lasting, reusable, cost effecting and highly functional.

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