Corrugated plastic is used to build a folding boat

Corrugated plastic is used to build a folding boat

In previous blogs we stated how great corrugated plastic is for making reusable packaging containers that are tough, water proof and long lasting.    We have numerous examples on our website for the many ways that we have used corrugated plastic.

If you have any doubts about corrugated plastic, how about building a Kayak out of corrugated plastic?  Here is a website about a developer who is building fold up kayaks from one large sheet of corrugated plastic.  See video below

This design actually reminds us of a number of packaging designs that we have done.    Packnet uses similar processes such as water jet cutting, cnc cutting, sonic welding, creasing and gluing straps.  The Kayak boat is foldable, and is very light weight.   If you are a Kayaker, you probably have a rack on your car to strap and transport a typical kayak.   Don’t need a rack with this one, it conveniently folds into a carrying case that can be put in your car truck or even in the back seat.

The inventor claims that this Kayak should last years because of its durability.  Packnet has created a number of unique designs for corrugated plastic including a transport case for a pine wood derby race track and a Medical transport sled for injured person evacuation.    With our advanced CAD system, engineering experience and state of the art cutting, creassing and fabrication equipment, Packnet is equipped to engineer and fabricate a plastic reusable packaging solution for just about any need.

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