Cortec Products Used in Car Washes

Cortec Products Used in Car Washes

Cortec Corporation has a complete line of products that can clean, de-rust and protect metal and non-metal surface.  So an automatic car wash would be a logical application.   VPCI ™ – 819 is the ideal product for cleaning and protecting car finishes.   It is formulated for low pressure or high pressure washes.  VPCI ™ – 819 penetrates into finishes, sealing paint and metal surfaces from damaging effects of corrosion.  This product contains the patented Vapor phase Corrosion VpCI.  These inhibitors are drawn to metal by ionic attraction and bond themselves to the surface thereby preventing corrosion.  

The product protects painted metal for up to 2 months and also protects against UV aging.  Its penetration capability provides excellent surface cleaning.   Cortec is very proud of this product and believes that it is superior to its competitions.   The Holdur elif company in Europe tested the product for 2 weeks and decided to switch all its equipment over to VPCI ™ – 819.  The customer was very pleased with how the water easily ran off the surface.  They were also excited that the product is environmentally friendly.

Not only does VPCI ™ – 819 do a great job for cleaning and protecting the surfaces of cars, it provides excellent corrosion protection for the carwash equipment.

Packnet is the proud distributor of Cortec products.  Most of Packnet’s customers are unlikely to own a carwash, but many of them require cleaning and corrosion protections systems for metal products.  Whether it is for corrosion protection during shipping and storage or corrosion protection while in use, Cortec has the systems to meet the need.  All of Cortec product are environmentally friendly.

For more information on Cortec corrosion protection systems, please feel free to call a Packnet representative or go to Packnet’s corrosion inhibitor web pages.

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