Cortec VpCI® versus desiccant bags

Cortec VpCI® versus desiccant bags

VpCI diagramCorrosion is definitely a concern when packaging and shipping delicate electronic devises or components.  Many electronic components have exposed copper which in the presence of moisture can corrode.  When electrical contact is required, even a slightly corroded copper surface can impede connections.

Desiccants have traditionally been used to protect electronic products over long periods of storage or shipment.  Desiccants will “suck” excess moisture out of the immediate surrounding area and keep the package relatively dry.  This method has proven to be fairly effective, but it has not kept the product corrosion free in every case.

In order for desiccants to work:

  • The package must be air tight
  • For larger products with complex shapes, several desiccant pouches must be used to insure total coverage

A desiccant will work until it is saturated with moisture.  So if the package seal is broken or the humidity is much higher than normal, the desiccant will stop working.

Cortec VpCI® products are a much more effective and ultimately a less expensive solution for protecting electronic components.  VpCI® consists of molecules that contain both positive and negative ions that bond to metal surfaces and prevents oxygen reaction.   This results in a protective layer on the metal surface that has no adverse affect on the performance of the device.  The molecules are dispersed throughout because of vapor pressure.  The small molecular size allows VpCI® to attain very high concentration levels.

Because of its high concentration, a small VpCI emitter can effectively disperse ions that will cover every square inch of large containers.   This ionic bonding that inhibits corrosion will work regardless of humidity and temperature.  Because of the vapor phase action, a 100% sealed package is not a requirement.

Cortec has a number of products specifically designed for electronic products.

Desicorr® VpCI® pouches are actually a combination of desiccant and VpCI®.  The desiccant action reduces the moisture in the air allowing the VpCI molecules to have access to the metal surfaces without competition from the moisture.

VpCI®-125 Static Dissipative Film is a heat sealable bag or sheeting that will protect a product from corrosion as well as dangerous electro static build up.

VpCI®- Emitters are pouches or cartridges that can be placed anywhere in an electronic enclosure such as electronic control box, electric motors, fuse boxes, medical equipment, scientific and measuring equipment and more.  They can protect products in relatively large enclosures and provide months of continuous protection.

Packnet proudly distributes a large variety of Cortec products that inhibit corrosion on a variety of surfaces  for extended shipping or storage times.   For more information you can contact Packnet or visit our corrosion inhibitor page.

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