Could your shipping containers be causing problems with your product?

Could your shipping containers be causing problems with your product?

There is no question in our mind that improperly designed shipping containers can do more harm than good.   Often standard corrugated cardboard boxes are used.   This may be the right choice in some applications, but if you have a sensitive product that needs to be opened in a dust free environment, it’s a disastrous choice. 

Packnet addressed this specific issue with one of its customers.   They supplied sensitive plastic components to a manufacturer.  The container went right to the production line.  The packaging had the following issues:

  • It was susceptible to moisture causing products to occasionally incur water damage
  • The packaging material shed fibers that contaminated the product
  • The carton could only be reused once
  • Empty cartons took too much warehouse space
  • Box cutters were needed to open the containers

Packnet developed a corrugated plastic container that not only eliminated all the issues above, but reduced the overall packaging cost.  In fact the customers return on investment was less than 10 months.  While the corrugated plastic was much more expensive than the cardboard,  it essentially could be reused forever.   With Packnet’s custom design solution:

  • L –lock lids eliminated the need for box cutters
  • Component damage and contamination was eliminated
  • Plastic carton could be collapsed to save valuable storage space
  • Plastic cartons were water proof
  • Carton could be reused indefinitely

If you are experiencing product damage or handling problems during transport, contact Packnet for a custom engineered solution that will save you money.

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