Custom foam packaging solution for a technical college

Custom foam packaging solution for a technical college

Since Packnet introduced hard sided cases with custom foam inserts, we are finding lots of applications from a variety of industries.

One recent application was from a local technical college.   Century College is a two-year college offering a high-quality, affordable education in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. It is the largest community and technical college in Minnesota.  Many of their class offerings include lectures in remote settings, so the instructors often have to travel to different facilities and set up their class presentation.   This frequently involves transporting delicate equipment such as microscopes.

The current transport method involved using a standard bulk box container for transporting microscopes.   The Century College faculty felt that this method was not reliable for safe transport and set up. They also felt it looked unprofessional.

Instructor of Continuing Education & Custom Training for Century College Larry Raddatz worked with Packnet to develop a custom foam packaging solution using hard sided cases.   These cases not only provided an efficient and reliable transport method, but it made set up faster because it helped neatly organized the education equipment and materials by using specially cut holding spots for the each item.


One interesting tidbit: Century College teaches a manufacturing course on lean manufacturing which includes the 5S process. The 5S System of Lean Manufacturing is a workplace organization method that was originally based off of five Japanese words and later translated to English. It focuses on how to organize a workspace for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining new order. The method is based on decision-making process that comes from a dialogue about standardization, which builds understanding among employees on how they should do their work.

According to Larry Raddatz, the hard sided cases with custom foam inserts give a good demonstration of how 5S could work.   The design of the case standardizes the placement and makes set up and tear down more efficient by eliminating search time.

More information on Packnet’s custom foam packaging.

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