Custom packaging solutions can save labor

Custom packaging solutions can save labor

We recently visited a company whose main products were machined cylindrical shaped tubes.   The process was extremely impressive to watch as the parts virtually went in one end of the process as a metal block and came out the other end as a finished product.   No human hands touched the product during its manufacturing.   At the end of the machine the products dropped into a well designed bin that was shuttled to the stock room and waited for shipment.

Shipping was a totally different story.   Parts were manually removed from bins and stacked in wooden crates.   Parts had to be double counted to make sure that there were no errors.   Wood boards were nailed on top to close the container.  The shipping dock looked like an accident ready to happen.  Crates were very clumsy to handle and they seem to take up much more room than one would expect. 

One wonders about the kinds of issues the customer has when they try to unload and store this crate.   Pry bars are required to unpack the parts and the receiving area must be a mess with wood splinters, staples and nails.

Packnet envisions huge opportunities to save money, reduce accident risk and reduce warehouse space for both the supplier and end user.  How economical would it be to custom design a reusable, stackable storage and shipping container that would save money, reduce accidents and help the environment?    Packnet successfully does just that… every day for 100’s of customers.

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