Custom soft sided cases for medical response personnel

Custom soft sided cases for medical response personnel

softsidedmedicalConsider the plight of the emergency medical worker who rushes to the aid of victims.   The response needs to be fast and it is highly possible that “on site” first aid is required.    That first aid could involve the treatment of a range of issues including wounds, burns, sprains, heart attacks, choking, suffocation, broken bones, frostbite, strokes, concussions and much more.   This emergency medical person will need to carry basic medical gear and supplies to the victim, which could require walking up stairs, hiking across a field or skiing down a snowy hill.    In order of the medical person to have maximum effectiveness, the medical bag needs to have the following features:

  • The bag needs to be as light as possible and easy to carry; the bag may need shoulder straps and hand grips to allow for multiple methods of transport.
  • The bag needs to be extremely durable, an emergency situation does not allow for taking time to fix straps or deal with a torn bag.  Most medical bags undergo a lot of abuse.
  • The bag needs to be water resistant as it is sure to be transported through rain, snow or sleet; it may even be dropped in standing water.
  • The bag needs to be resistant to micro-organisms that can cause disease, so it needs to be made out of an antimicrobial fabric.
  • The content of the bags need to be well organized and allow for easy identification and access to the correct tool or supply. An Emergency technician cannot afford the time to search through a bag of jumbled supplies.
  • The bag must be able to protect the medical equipment and supplies. It is sure to get dropped, tossed and jostled during use.

There are a variety of emergency medical response teams and personnel such as ambulance services, paramedics, ski-patrols, coast guard rescue, SCUBA divers, park rangers, and life guards.  Each type of responder needs a slightly different skill set which requires different needs for the medical gear.   The ideal medical bag needs to be customized to the situation.

Packnet offers customized soft-sided cases that can be fabricated to meet any need.    This includes size, internal configuration, hard ware attachments, custom foam inserts, color and graphic enhancement.  Soft Sided cases are idea for medical responders as well as varieties of other occupations where flexibility, durability and ease of transport are requirements.    More information on our soft-sided cases.

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