Custom Wood Crating and Custom Wooden Packaging

Custom Wood Crating and Custom Wooden Packaging

What makes Packnet excel in custom wood containers and custom wood crates?   Packet has been providing wood packaging solutions to a variety of industries for over 2 decades.   Our experience and knowledge of wood products enables us to design, engineer and fabricate solutions to meet your exact needs.

Wood is the base material for many of our applications including shipping crates,  pallets and skids,  reusable containers such as trade show crates and most notable our Slot Lock™  container system.

Our competitive advantage starts with our supply base.  Because we are major consumer of wood products, Packnet can leverage its volume use to get competitive prices and deliveries from a few key wood suppliers.

The advantage continues with our technology, Packnet has saws, panel cutters; routers and optimizers that provide give us great material utilization and labor efficiencies.    Packnet also utilizes a variety of pneumatic tools for stapling and nailing wood.

Our workforce is skilled, dedicated and hardworking and we believe is the key to providing a quality wood crating product.   We have thousands of hours of experience in fabricating crates, boxes and pallets.

We are proud of our design and engineering team, they have consistently created innovative solutions that are both highly functional and cost effective.   We bring a lot of expertise into play when it comes to ocean crating and knowledge of international regulations including ISPM 15.

In conclusion, if you are an industrial company that has needs in packaging, wood crating or material handling solutions, you need to contact Packnet to explore the possibilities.

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